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Happy lunar new year! It’s the year of the snake, here’s the HiBot ACM-R5H amphibious robot snake. ACM-R5 was presented at EXPO2005 in the NEDO Prototype Robot Pavilion. It is a snake-like robot with...

Buzz Words: 4K & 8K

4K and 8K are two new resolutions for the latest crop of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs. The resolution for 4K is at 3840×2160 pixels which have four times more pixels when compared to...

World’s Fastest Processor in IBM’s New Supercomputer

IBM introduces their new Power 575 supercomputer using the POWER6 processor and hydro cluster water cooling technology to achieve record speeds up to 5 GHz. According to IBM it is equipped with 448 processor...

Blu-ray Wins HD Format War

Toshiba officially announced today they will discontinue HD-DVD products but will still provide support for existing customers.

The Most Advanced Robotic Hand

The Shadow Robot Company has developed an unique robotic hand which can mimic human hand movements. Using 40 air muscles and integrated sensors the hand is sensitive enough to handle fragile objects and accurately...

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster runs only on electricity but can accelerate 0-60 in about 4 seconds, has a 248 hp electric motor with a top speed of over 130 mph and has a range of...

iPod Vending Machine

A ‘Zoom Shop’ vending machine was spotted at Atlanta Airport offering iPod Minis and iPod Shuffles.

SMT5600 / C500 Disassembly and Dust Fix Instructions

Learn how to disassemble, clean and fix the dust behind your screen for you Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone. Also compatible with the Orange SPV C500, Qtek 8010, i-Mate SP3, and any other HTC Typhoon model.

BlackBerry Top Secret Communications Trials

The Canadian military and U.S. security agencies have launched a joint effort to make BlackBerry portable communications devices more secure, hoping to one day use them to exchange top-secret information.

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling

With LightScribe Technology one can create laser etched CD or DVD labels on specially coated discs. LightScribe is currently licensed for HP and LaCie products.