The Most Advanced Robotic Hand

Shadow Robot Co Hand

The Shadow Robot Company has developed an unique robotic hand which can mimic human hand movements. Using 40 air muscles and integrated sensors the hand is sensitive enough to handle fragile objects and accurately perform tasks. The dimensions of the hand are that of an average human male. link

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7 Responses

  1. imee says:

    This is not enough to play well?
    But Good to Play…!

  2. jason says:

    now one hand that can mimick soon tha whole body that can mimick and them they’ll take over and mimick our lives

  3. yaameee says:

    jason: i dont think the human race will build a robot, wich they know can take over our lives…
    imee:talkin bout masturbatin?!?

  4. mamun says:

    its a nice invitation,i think i will done future something

  5. sarath says:

    great job..
    its one step closer to make a perfect robot…

  6. albertvesker says:

    wow it so high teghnologic ooooooooo’

  7. griffin says:

    This is so beautiful . if you could please send me the teqnic of making sth like this.i really interested in doing engeneering things like robot . please help me by giving more facts about robotes because i am sure that i could be the best one of robot makers in the future . thanks