CeBIT 2005: Sony Ericsson Highlights

Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750:
Features: 2MP Digital Camera with Auto Focus and Photo Light, Video Recording, 38MB Built-in Memory, Memory Stick Duo, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB

Sony Ericsson K600

Sony Ericsson K600:
Features: 3G Capable, 1.3MP Digital Camera, Video Calls, Multitasking

Sony Ericsson Z800

Sony Ericsson Z800:
Features: 1.3MP Digital Camera, Video Call, MotionEye with Integrated Light, Up to 1GB Memory Stick Duo Pro, Sony MegaBass Sound, USB Plug & Play

Sony Ericsson J300

Sony Ericsson J300:
Features: Entry Level Cell Phone with a Curvy Design, Snap on Covers, 12MB Memory, Media Player, 3D Java Games

Sony Ericsson W800 Walkman

Sony Ericsson W800 Walkman:
Features: FM Radio, MP3 and AAC Player, 38MB Built-in Memory, Includes 512MB Memory Stick Duo and Headset, 2MP Digital Camera, Bluetooth, IR

More Info: Sony Ericsson CeBIT Site

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