Monthly Archive: February 2008


Nokia N96

The N96 is the latest ‘multimedia computer’ offering from Nokia, set to be released in Q3 2008. The mobile phone is designed to be more video oriented with a huge 16GB of internal memory...


US to Shoot Down Disabled Spy Satellite

US spy satellite USA 193 was launched on December 14, 2006 but malfunctioned shortly after being placed in orbit. In January the satellite was reported to have lost orbit and falling back to Earth....


HP iPAQ 210

HP has recently launched the new iPAQ 210 Enterprise PDA at the pricey MSRP of $449USD. The unit is equipped with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6, Marvell PXA310 624MHz processor, 128MB SDRAM, 256MB flash ROM,...


Blu-ray Wins HD Format War

Toshiba officially announced today they will discontinue HD-DVD products but will still provide support for existing customers.